Saturday, March 28, 2015

Terrible twos already?!

I'm ebarassed to say how bad I've becoming at updating my blog. But maybe I shouldn't be, I AM the full-time working mother of a raging- approaching-2-year old! When can I blog?! I've succumbed to the fact that I can only blog from my phones blogger app while Mason is taking his hour (sometimes 1.5 hour) morning nap. Whatever, it is what it is, right?! :) I'm sure several of my posts will be just picture updates anyway because our active little boy is just so cute!

Mason is a week and a half away from turning 20 months (however you'd think he was 2 based on all the mischief he gets into!)! He's got quite the personality. He LOVES water. I mean, LOVES WATER. I've never seen a kid so fascinated by something. Nor have I seen a kid so in love with "Um" (what we call fruit snacks). Mason loves to be outside, all the time. He runs almost everywhere, hates to not get his way (we're working on this, again the hints of "terrible twos" here), throws everything (working on this also), had a short bitting phase, and wants to be a big boy with EVERYTHING. Mason insists on using a big person fork, spoon, plate, cup, chair, wants to wash himself in the tub w soap, wants to walk without holding our hand, wants to do the dishes, sweeps the kitchen floor, vacuums, helps us cook, and folds the laundry.

Mason no longer uses a highchair, and says a LOT of words: gracias, agua, please, yes, this, no, mama, dada,  papa, dog, cat, truck, car, go, um, soap, hot dog, bubbles, Choo choo, sit, happy, bad, and many others.

He loves Thomas the Train, Paw Patrol (truthfully, anything with dogs), Winnie the Pooh, and Cars.

Mason has always been the BEST sleeper. We are so lucky, and we KNOW how lucky we are. He has developed the best nighttime routine. We tell him it's time for night night and he walks right into his room. We sit on the chair, read three books, then he turns off the light, I place him in bed, he closes his eyes, and he's asleep. Never any fuss. He's PERFECT (and adorable).

Ricky and I really want Mason to have a brother or sister. We're going to start the adoption process again soon and we'll keep you posted every step of the way. Of course if you hear anything, send it our way :)

More updates to come....gotta go put laundry away.. only about 40 min left in this nap.

Love, Shannon

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