Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ricky's 40th Surprise Birthday Party

It took a year and 2 days to plan. Ricky was turning 40, and I knew I had to plan the biggest, and best surprise party he could ever dream of. The most important party detail: his band...Super Fuzz.

As soon as I had Jon Harris, Chad Parkin, and Gabe Prado on board, all that was left to do was wait another 9 months before I could do or plan anything else.

Katie Andersen. My do-it-all BFF. The woman who can do it all, think of it all, create it all, AND take care of three children while doing it all...she was my savior. Katie and I scoured the internet day in and day out searching for fun and creative ideas for an 80's concert themed party. I wanted to do it the easy way, and just buy everything. But no. This do-it-all party planner kicked the expensive Pintrest/Etsy website's butt! So we spent hours making stuff. You know, being craft-y! Needless to say, I spent the first two months of my summer break at the Andersen house every day, working on Ricky's party. How did I manage to pull it off without Ricky knowing, you ask?! He was still in school, working. I lied a lot about my daily plans.

Now I can't go on about Katie, without mentioning the time and effort Paulette put in to make this party totally awesome too! Paulette was a rock star! Of course, giving her another excuse to go to the Thrift Store, Wal Mart, IKEA, Ross, etc. wasn't like pulling teeth. She gladly accepted.

I promise this is a blog about Ricky, but seriously, one more plug for the Andersen's...Skippy... OH Skippy. This man can cook (so can his wife btw!). Skippy offered to marinate, chop, boil, soak, and every other word you could use for "cater" Ricky's entire party. Skippy made the most incredible tacos, homemade rice, and homemade beans. Skippy (and his do-it-all wife) slaved in the hot sun (and house) to pre-make all of the amazing, and muy bueno food. Every single person at the party raved about Skippy's feast. Skippy, honestly, we thank you and your family from the bottom of our hearts. You are unbelievable friends. Oh and a shout out to Trena and Aaron Schulze for the salsa...soooooo good!

Ricky had no idea about his party. None. I totally did it. I had an entirely successful "surprise" moment. No clue. Ricky came in blindfolded AND with music playing in his ears. There was no way he'd hear anything. As soon as he walked on stage, I removed the ear phones, and the Carpenter's "Yesterday Once More" began to play (his band often played this song before walking on stage for a show). Next, Jon and Gabe started jamming. This brought chills to my entire body, and a HUGE smile to Ricky's face. I then removed the blindfold, as Ricky saw the crowd of 100, and his band members (whom he had not played with for over 10 years!), and the tears began to flow. No, not from me (surprise, I know!) but from Ricky. An incredibly genuine moment, one that he and I will never forget...After that, it was time to party!

 Mucho thanks to ALL who came to ROCK with us. Ricky killed it on stage as he ate up every moment, and I fulfilled one of my dreams; to be one of Ricky's groupies!