Monday, January 13, 2014

Can we have a winter break re-do, please?!

Ricky and I were so excited for the first semester to be over, and to enjoy 2 and a half weeks of vacation! (Have we mentioned that teachers have the best schedule ever?) Those 2 and a half weeks of pure bliss, awaiting adventure, and most importantly, time with family from out of town, was ruined by stomach flu, odd bouts of diarrhea, vomiting, fevers, and just plain ol' sickness. Thankfully none of this applied to us; just everyone else around us! Anyone and everyone we made plans to hang out with during the two holidays (Christmas and New Year's) became sick. Being the new and slightly paranoid parents we are, we didn't want to take any risks. We spent Christmas and New Year's alone. Just us three. 80+ degree weather. Windows open, wearing shorts. Weirdest Christmas ever. Same with New Year's; weird and BORING. All of my huge expectations for Mason's first Christmas were thrown out the window. Again, can I please have a winter break re-do!?

Here are our solo pictures from Christmas and New Year's. The weather was super warm, so we took a walk on Christmas day.

Despite the illin' friends and family during those 2-ish weeks, we did manage to throw in some fun.

Our family from Texas came for Christmas and Mason finally got to meet his Uncle Devon. Mason loved watching his cousins play, and the boys were so sweet to him. It's a Christmas Eve tradition to spend time with the Marengo/Pikop side of the family. This year the evening was spent at Uncle Dennis's house. Here are some really special pictures from that day; it was so much fun having Mason at a large family event; everyone loves him so much.

Mason sitting on the couch with his cousins!
Mason "opening" his first Christmas present
And...he is spent. Look how adorably chubby he is!!
After Christmas and the first wave of sickness (poor Annette and Devon... West was sick on Christmas day, thus ruining everyone's Christmas day plans), we made it to the San Diego Zoo; our one fun adventure for winter break, an adventure we almost missed out on due to sickness. It was a gorgeous 75 degree day, I wore my super comfy walking shoes, put sunscreen and a hat on Mason, and took some really great pictures! We had so much fun with our Marengo family :)

After Christmas my parents were supposed to come visit, and they too got sick! Here's mason and the stocking my mom made him! (we all have a hand-made stocking from my mom... very very special)

I love Applebee's (I know it seems odd to totally love a chain restaurant, but I have a lot of fun memories at this chain!). Ricky took Mason and I there for a New Year's dinner! It was so much fun, and I ate a whole dessert to myself.

The video is just so cute. Notice how Mason really wants that cup.
Ricky has worn the same pair of Vans his whole life (not literally the same pair, but the same brand/style). I just had to buy Mason a little pair too. The Christmas tag said "To Daddy: Love Mason"

We've heard a lot of really fun laughter from Mason lately. It's so much fun, and before you know it, he's over it!

On Sunday January 12th, Mason tasted his first "food". We fed Mason rice cereal. We were so so so excited. We received a lot of warnings from friends and family, all kinda saying that he'll just push it out of his mouth, not really eat it, and possibly be fussy. Mason didn't do any of those things! HE LOVED IT. "Ate" every last bite. We skyped with my mom during this first feeding and it was so much fun to have her included, as well as my brother who got to witness it in person as well. We are so excited to start actual baby food!

And last but not least, here are Mason's weekly pictures from the last few weeks :)
Other facts about Mason:
  • He still hasn't rolled over, though getting really close
  • LOVES to lay on the floor and grab his "piggies"
  • Super talkative
  • Has TWO teeth (both on the bottom)
  • Can almost completely hold the bottle on his own
  • Scratches his head while he drinks his bottle (the cutest thing)
  • Smiles at everyone and everything
  • Loves to jump in his jumper
  • Sleeps 6-7 hours a night
  • Now drinking 7 ounces
  • Responds when you call his name
  • Almost sits up completely on his own
Here's a very short video of Mason jumping!