Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spouses with the Same Profession...Nothin' Better.

There are many "perks" I lay claim to as a teacher. I won't bore you with the ones about it being an "incredibly rewarding and fulfilling job"...let's get to the good stuff.

1. Field trips - going fun places for free during your work day (ok ok...don't get me wrong, YES, I know they're stressful, and it's not a "day in the park" so to speak)
2. Treats - treats from students, parents, staff...usually great stuff, though I do get one too many teddy bears during Valentines day each year.
3. Bill Nye - I love putting on a Bill Nye DVD for my students to laugh at (I'll be honest, I love him too...seriously); he rocks!!!
4. Co-workers - these brave people are my friends! Some schools may have old dinosaur teachers who don't know what iPads are, but at my school...we're young and awesome! We NEED each other every day to vent to. And when school isn't in session, I miss them.
5. (Oh and trust me, I could go on and on) OUR SCHEDULE - Ricky and I are SO fortunate to be in the same career. Not only can I vent about the students at my school, and he TOTALLY gets it, but there's a good chance he had the same experience that day (it's seriously amazing how alike ALL 6th, 7th, and 8th graders are). Ricky and I are both in charge of the student council at our schools, and are always bouncing ideas off of each other...But back to my point: Our schedule. We are so lucky to live the life of a student; enjoying winter breaks, spring breaks, holidays, summer vacations, etc. And again, to have a spouse in the same profession, is absolutely amazing.

Ricky and I just finished our spring break together for this school year, and boy did we need it. I was very close to pulling, what is left of my hair, out. We started our week going to Sea World. Teacher's are lucky enough to receive FREE annual passes at Sea World, so we thought "Eh, why not! We love San Diego!" Ricky spent the day watching me cry at the sight of adorable animals, as we made our way through the spring break crowds. We stayed the night in Old Town at the Best Western Hacienda Inn...omg that place is incredible. We highly recommend it.

The rest of the week was spent finishing Paulette's house. Ricky has been re-flooring her entire upstairs: new floors, base boards, re-tiling the bathroom, painting, re-flooring the stairs... (it's a project he's been working on each time he's had a break from school)...Thank goodness it's over! Oh and of course while Ricky was working (we've realized I don't have enough patience to work along side him any more...he's too much of a perfectionist), I spent time with the Andersen's (surprised!?).

Adoption Update: No news yet. Still hoping and praying.

We couldn't resist.

Because we got in for free, we did the Dolphin Encounter. The solo girl next to us was mistaken as our daughter.
In case you can't read it "Shannon Is The Best Aunt Ever!!" Sorry Trena and Thorey :(

        I bought Gina some new jammies, and this was her saying thank you...I couldn't love her more.

On our way to our good friends Mikey and Sharon's wedding!
In-N-Out with awesome friends!