Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Long Time, No Post...April-July Update

I've struggled and struggled with how to even begin a post that is this long over due. Do I type paragraph after paragraph about all the amazing advancements with our baby Mason? Do I give you bullet points? Or do I just let pictures and video speak for themselves!? I honestly still do not know what is best; I will do a teeny bit of everything (but 90% pictures and videos)!

Since my last update in April when Mason became an official Marengo, we've moved in to his Grandma Paulette's house! Mason loves it here. He has a dog now: Queenie, his own room full of toys, a chalkboard, a super cool map of the USA from his Uncle Kyle, and an extremely plush area rug to cushion his falls. We also love Grandma's house because we have so much more room! Mason loves how there are toys in almost every room to play with; he's almost broken all of Grandma's china plates even though we've told him those aren't toys. We love our new neighborhood as it's so close to the most amazing park in Long Beach, Eldorado and it's so close to the Andersen Family where Mason's best friend lives; Freddy! We bike ride with baby Mason frequently and take long walks daily (of course some of this may die down a bit once we start school again in the next couple weeks). Mason's personality is really developing; he's so much fun and very funny! Mason will be one in 8 days!! 8 days!!! ONE YEAR OLD. We can't believe it. Daily we get compliments that Mason is THE cutest baby they've ever seen. Seriously daily. Ricky and I have to agree...sure we may be biased, but seriously he is. the. cutest. He has so many sounds it's amazing. He does this really funny drooly-whisper when he's talking to us. We just love him more than words can explain or express. I'm feeling at this time it's necessary to jump to the bullet points.

  • Mason has approximately 16 teeth!
  • Over this summer he has had (that we know of) 2 ear infections, one cold, and one rash from the swimming pool. 
  • During the summer Mason and I took a "mommy and me" swim class at the Belmont Pool. We had so much fun. At the end, Mason was able to kick his feet in the water and hold himself up on the side of the pool, ALL BY HIMSELF (he's super strong btw). However, Mason was never able to blow bubbles in the water. 
  • Our other summer activity was joining "My Gym" in Signal Hill. We have had a blast! Mason has made so many new friends, and just loves climbing on everything he can. Mason clearly has been flirting with a little girl there named Everly. It's really adorable, he finds her, crawls to her, and tries to grab on to her. Love it. 
  • At 10 months Mason flew on a plane for the first time! We flew to Dallas to see Ricky's sister Annette and her family for a week. I made goody bags for those who were sitting around us JUST in case Mason was fussy. Overall he did great! Mason had so much fun on this trip. It was hilarious to see him cry every time Landon or Weston (Mason's cousins) made any loud noises. Looks like we need to socialize Mason more lol! 
  • Mason is now WALKING! He began taking those first real steps back on May 24th. Now he's walking 80% of the time! This has been so much fun. Many mom's have been warning me, but truthfully he's gotten in to all of our drawers, cabinets, etc. while crawling and pulling himself up, that this so far is not making much of a difference! 
  • He says "moooo" when we ask him what sound does a cow make!
  • He says "dog" 
  • He says "uh oh"
  • He says "wow" 
  • He says "mom, mama, moooooommmmm" all. the. time. It's really cute. Rarely does he say "da-da" lol sorry Ricky. 
  • Mason had his last and final bottle of formula on 7/27/2014. That's also the day we bought our first of a gazillion gallons of whole milk. He loves milk! 
  • He eats anything and everything. He's also a super messy eater! Good thing we have Queenie, who eats everything dropped on the floor. 
  • Mason has picked up the nasty habit of throwing his food once he's not interested. He now also bites! What is going on!? lol. I figure they're love bites :) 
  • He sleeps through the night beautifully, hallelujah! 7:45-6am! We'll take it! Works perfect with our school schedule! 
  • Mason had his first haircut on June 24th! It was the cutest experience. He was a champ, stood the whole time in a little Mini Cooper car, didn't cry, hated when the lady got near his left ear, and left even more handsome than when we walked in (if that's even possible!).
More bullet points and paragraphs to come after his first birthday party! Now for pictures and video!

Sweater vest that his Lolly made him (my Mom)
LA Galaxy Game - first pro soccer game! 4/12/2014

First time on the swings! 4/14/2014
First road trip - Went to UT, Mason sick with the stomach flu :(

Sick :( Saddest thing ever.
Mason felt better and was able to enjoy his first Easter!
My first Mother's Day!

First time in the swimming pool! 5/26/2014
First time on a carnival ride! 6/7/2014
Photo booth with Lolly
Mason and Lolly
Poppy and Mason! Mason LOVES Poppy
Mason and Freddy
Mason's first haircut!
Mason's first ow-ey 6//26/2014
Cousin Weston loved pushing Mason in the car
Cousins in the bathtub!
Oh we got a good laugh out of this one. Mason's shirt disappeared because it was green, and West looks like a ghost child.
First time at a water park! 7/1/2014
First plane ride!
He's gonna be such a good lookin' surfer!
Mason showing off his skills at My Gym

 Mason clapping! He claps all the time now!

West loves pushing Mason, and Mason loves it just as much!

Mason had his first haircut! 

Mason at My Gym!

Mason falling asleep on July 4th...hilarious!

Because videos take forever to upload to Blogger, I will only post a few...more will be in the next blog for August :)